Disclosure level: 0 - Intention
Disclosure date:November 2020
Pioneer since:2020
Future-Fit Pioneer Profile


We are an award-winning clean technology company, focused on batteries built with sustainability in mind.

Region: Global
Location: London, United Kingdom

Our Future-Fit Pioneer commitment…

Aceleron believes that a sustainable world is achievable. With our revolutionary technology, we accelerate the shift to clean energy around the globe.

This belief in a sustainable world is why we’re making a commitment to becoming a Future-Fit Business. We will work towards this goal both in terms of how we operate, and by developing products that help others to reduce their footprint as well.

We strive to make battery technology that will have lasting benefits for society and for the environment. Inspired by naturally occurring cycles within the Earth system, we believe in creating batteries that ensure 100% of the material value is not wasted, and promoting reuse and remanufacture over waste. Our unique batteries make it easier for you to cut your carbon footprint. They are also fully serviceable, upgradeable and recyclable – the first of their kind.

We will keep you informed of our progress towards maximising our positive impacts and eliminating any negative impacts over time, including by publishing our first Future-Fit Statement of Progress within the next 12 months.

We hope that you will want to be part of this effort as well, and invite you to join us on the path to future-fitness.

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