Location: Sweden
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Accredited Advisor


twentyten is a strategic partner for driving business innovation and development. We specialize in helping companies integrate sustainability, resilience, and profitability into their future business models.

Our project portfolio encompasses a wide range of services, including risk and impact analysis, strategy development and goal setting, business and product/service design, business blueprinting, end-user validation, and transition management.

As consultants, we are known for our creativity, curiosity, and solution-oriented approach. We are determined to overcome obstacles and focus on delivering impactful outcomes.

Innovation with a business perspective and the future in mind.

Services and Solutions

  • Business Strategy
  • Goal & Target Setting
  • Implementation & Integration

Accredited Individuals

Christian Andersson Sustainable Business Innovation Specialist Uppsala, Sweden
Karin Daar Sustainable Business Innovation Specialist Stockholm, Sweden

Do you offer services or solutions that could help businesses become Future-Fit?

Any consultant can use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark without restriction. But some advisors want to give clients the confidence that they really understand how to apply the Future‑Fit approach, which is why we created our optional Accredited Advisor program. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch.