Location: The Netherlands
Accredited Advisor


Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. Together with our stakeholders, we have been dedicated to creating a future-proof society and tackling major societal challenges for 125 years. In the Netherlands, we serve retail and corporate clients; globally we focus on the food and agriculture sector. Our starting point is: together we can achieve more than we could individually.

With Rabo Future Fit we are bringing sustainability within reach for our business clients based in The Netherlands. With our experienced sustainability experts we guide our clients towards future fitness. For more information visit: https://www.rabofuturefit.nl/home

Accredited Individuals

Esther Leferink Lead Rabo Future Fit The Netherlands
Babet van der Giesen Sustainability Expert The Netherlands
Tjelcey Urbanek Sustainability Expert The Netherlands
Rogier Gardien Sustainability Expert The Netherlands

Do you offer services or solutions that could help businesses become Future-Fit?

Any consultant can use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark without restriction. But some advisors want to give clients the confidence that they really understand how to apply the Future‑Fit approach, which is why we created our optional Accredited Advisor program. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch.