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Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC)

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) is a -forward thinking regional local government representing the interests of four Member Councils in Perth’s Eastern Region. Incorporated under the Local Government Act 1995, the EMRC provides strength in our partnerships with Member Councils to build a sustainable community for current and future generations.

Our Sustainability Strategy 2022/2023 – 2026/2027 aligns with the strategic review of local, state, national and international drivers, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This Sustainability Strategy allows the EMRC to meet the needs of our Member Councils while embedding our sustainability vision and goals to create practical and workable solutions.

The EMRC is currently undertaking our own review using Future-Fit Business as the driving force to assess and review the progress of our Sustainability Strategy with the Break-Even Goals. Identifying our current impacts is the first step of the journey to understand and benchmark where we are as an organisation so that we can map how to move forward in the right direction.

With an endorsed Sustainability Strategy, embedded with the SDGs, and using the FFB methodology, the EMRC is in a good place to test the validity of mapping and measuring progress and to then share its findings with other local governments. The EMRC will also be able to offer ongoing support and consulting work with Local Governments. The aspirational goal is that all LGAs will be able to assess their sustainability progress using the FFB methodology and create a system in which we can all communicate and benchmark each other, locally, nationally, and globally.

The EMRC has chosen to use Future-Fit Business given it is backed by scientific research and has purposeful alignment to the SDGs. This will allow the EMRC to map our Sustainability Strategy progress with the SDGs at the forefront, as well as driving our understanding that every action undertaken at the EMRC will have a direct or indirect impact on the economy, society, and the environment.

Services and Solutions

  • Business Strategy
  • Goal & Target Setting
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Reporting

Accredited Individuals

Erin Burge Sustainability Officer Perth, Western Australia

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