Location: Irvington, United States
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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a privately held clothing brand with over 60 stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Eileen Fisher’s vision is for a fashion industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause of a business well run. Back in 1997, when sweatshops were in the headlines and labor standards were just being written, Eileen Fisher launched its Social Consciousness department, to reflect the company’s desire to raise awareness about human rights, sustaining the environment and supporting women to be full participants in society. This has been continuously reflected in the creation of their ethical, timeless clothes designed to be part of a responsible lifecycle.

As part of their more recent Vision2020 campaign, the company has committed to several ambitious targets for 2020. Among others, these pledges include the sole use of organic cotton and linen, guaranteeing that their US retail and office spaces will be climate positive, providing customers with a way to recycle their old garments and mapping the full extent of their supply chain.

Future-Fit has worked with Eileen Fisher to establish how the company’s various Social Consciousness initiatives align demonstrating that the Future-Fit Business Benchmark can act as an overarching framework, to reinforce the meaningful progress they are already making.

Case Study

Traditionally the most complex and least transparent part of a company’s functions, Eileen Fisher sees its supply chain as an opportunity.

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