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We must all play our part in society’s journey toward future-fitness® – and we’ll get there faster if we work together.

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There is no obligation to tell us you’re using the Benchmark, but a growing number of people are doing just that – and are asking how they can work with us and support each other to accelerate progress. In response, we are launching programs designed to meet the needs of three key groups: companies, service partners and investors.

Pioneering Companies

The journey to future-fitness is different for every business. But while working with our Development Council we have seen just how often similar challenges crop up, and how much a company can gain from hearing about the experiences of others.

Our new Pioneers membership program will foster exactly this kind of information exchange, and will be open to ambitious companies of any size, from game-changing start-ups to leading corporations. As a member, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with and continuously learn from other Pioneers, to join regular live discussions with our core team and issue-specific experts, to feature details of your commitments and progress on our website, and to help shape our ongoing work.

To be among the first of the Future-Fit Pioneers, please apply now.

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Service Partners

We have been approached by a range of advisory firms, training organizations, and tool/platform providers who share our vision for a Future-Fit society, and who want to advance the use of the Benchmark by aligning their service offerings with it.

We’ve believed since day one that fostering a high-quality ecosystem of commercial partners will be critical to accelerating adoption of the Benchmark across the business world. To that end, we will soon be launching accreditation schemes for individual business advisors/consultants, training course providers, and technical tools/platforms. By becoming an accredited partner, your clients can be confident that your services are 100% aligned with the future-fit approach.

To be among the first Accredited Service Partners, please apply now.

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In an uncertain world, it is critical that investors are able to assess their exposure to systemic risks, and to determine whether the companies they invest in are well-placed to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Whilst the industry has made great strides in recent years, backward-looking data and relative performance metrics only tell part of the story. That’s why we’re taking a new approach, grounded in qualitative and quantitative analysis of both company performance and preparedness with respect to the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. Our aim is to empower investors with concise, consistent, meaningful data with which to more accurately assess company value, engage more deeply with senior management and identify the winners of the future.

If you’re interested in joining the community of investors collaborating with us to make this new approach possible, please apply now.

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