Development Manager

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie is an environmental and social geographer by training, who works on both the ongoing development of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and translation of Future-Fit guidance into useful and usable tools.

Stephanie began her career at Future-Fit and, since starting, has worked on a range of projects. She is principally involved in ensuring the core Business Benchmark documents are in line with leading third-party sources and that the guidance provided is accessible and comprehensive. In addition, Stephanie has been involved in the creation of free-to-use tools which provide an entry point for first-time users of the Benchmark. She has also worked in-depth with companies to help fully embed the Benchmark as a strategic management tool.

During her degree at the University of Oxford, Stephanie was president of the Oxford Forum for International Development – Europe’s largest student-run development conference. In addition, she contributed to university journals on climate issues and provided voluntary consultancy services to support climate change education implementation in Ugandan Schools.

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