Location: York, United Kingdom
Contact: Email +44 (0)19 0462 9675

Friends Provident Foundation

Friends Provident is a grant-making charity on a mission to create a fair economy and a better world.

Focusing on ‘Resilient Economies’ and the ‘Right Use of Money’, supports the kind of system change – grounded in lived experience – that Friends Provident believes is needed for a fair economy and a better world. The ‘Right Use of Money’ theme explores how financial systems can create and sustain social harmony, and at the same time deliver economic goods and services.

Friends Provident Foundation saw how the Future-Fit Business Benchmark offers a practical answer to this question and became our first major supporter, providing two grants of £100,000 in February 2015 and June 2016 to aid development and scale adoption of the Benchmark. Without their visionary support we would not be here today.