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A future-fit® business is one that in no way undermines – and ideally increases – the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever.

Why do we need business to be future‑fit?

Our global economy is failing society in three critical ways


We are disrupting and degrading Earth’s natural processes, upon which we as a species and all other life depend.


The basic needs of billions of people around the world are not being met, while the gap between the haves and have-nots grows.


We are failing to adequately value business in a way that encourages companies to tackle these systemic problems.

We need to rapidly and radically change how we do business

Companies don't exist in a vacuum. Business can only thrive if society prospers, and this in turn demands that we safeguard Earth's life-support systems. Even the best companies may cause harm unless this system perspective is understood.


To pursue the creation of system value we need a way to measure it

Business leaders and investors need to know how their products, practices and decisions contribute - both positively and negatively - to society and the planet. Today's sustainability ratings and indices aren't up to the job, for three reasons.

Current metrics measure relative improvement, not absolute progress.

Current metrics focus on relative performance, so even a company whose business model is fundamentally unsustainable may score highly, just as long it is doing slightly better than its peers.

Current metrics don't recognize long-term ambitions and bold actions.

By emphasizing recent performance and governance, rather than ambitious commitments and actions, companies that really are trying to do things differently often aren’t rewarded for it.

Current metrics fail to give companies the actionable insight they need.

Third-party raters typically rely on exhaustive questionnaires and proprietary ‘black box’ scoring methodologies, which do little to provide rated companies with meaningful guidance on where and how to improve.

A new approach: the Future‑Fit Business Benchmark

Instead of celebrating today’s best practice, we must guide business toward tomorrow’s necessary practice, starting with a science-based definition of what it takes to be fit for the future.


Find out more about the Benchmark

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark defines the environmental and social break-even point for business – giving companies a clear destination to aim for, and a way to assess progress toward it.

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