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GOAL FFPP | Positive Pursuits

Positive Pursuits

A Future-Fit Business goes beyond its societal obligations, by removing obstacles to people’s wellbeing, reversing the effects of environmental degradation, or by helping other organizations or individuals to improve their own future-fitness.

What is a Positive Pursuit?

There are countless ways in which companies might have a positive impact on the world, from creating jobs and supporting local sports tournaments to delighting customers. Such actions might be performed selflessly by companies for the benefit of others, and may be well received by stakeholder groups, but which of those activities meaningfully advance society’s transition to future-fitness? This is an important question to ask, because it can be hard to differentiate between meaningful actions and corporate greenwashing. Companies helping to deliver Future-Fit outcomes in and beyond their value webs should be recognised for doing so.

Download our Methodology Guide for information on the 20 specific categories of Positive Pursuits, grouped into the four areas of future-fitness: fostering wellbeing (improving health and addressing unmet needs), respecting nature (restoring ecosystems), optimizing resources (increasing the life of materials), and strengthening society (growing trust and resilience).

Each pursuit relates to one type of intended outcome which can be delivered across the value web, and so encompasses a range of possible actions – from improving supplier performance, to offering beneficial products, or acting to improve societal institutions and infrastructure.

Why this goal is needed...

Because doing no harm is not enough.

We've been undermining our social fabric and Earth's natural systems for so long that we need to go beyond just doing no harm. Positive Pursuits give purposeful companies a framework for channeling their efforts into areas that really will make a difference from a systems perspective.

193 countries have signed on to pursue the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, but estimates show that more resources are needed to succeed.

According to estimates from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, additional resources equivalent to $1.4 trillion per year will be needed if we are to achieve the SDGs. Understanding how organizations are contributing to the SDGs can help concerned citizens, investors and governments more effectively channel their support to those who are truly seeking to make a difference.

Want to learn more about this goal?

Download the Action Guide for more information, and find out how to get started.

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Positive Pursuits


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