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GOAL FF14 | Employees

Employee concerns are actively solicited, impartially judged and transparently addressed

A Future-Fit Business takes steps to minimize employee concerns, and implements processes and policies to identify and deal fairly with any issues that do arise.

What this goal means

Companies depend on the commitment and motivation of their employees, so it is good business sense to engage them as much as possible. The intent of this goal is to set a minimum threshold of acceptable performance in this regard, which means ensuring that the company does nothing to undermine its employees’ wellbeing.

A Future-Fit company is not one whose employees are concern-free, but rather one that has taken all steps possible to minimize concerns, and to deal effectively and appropriately with any concerns that arise. For that reason, the emphasis here is on putting in place appropriate mechanisms to identify and manage employee concerns, so that potentially serious issues and legitimate grievances do not go unaddressed.

Why this goal is needed...

Despite legal protections in many developed countries, whistleblowers still often experience negative outcomes and are deterred from speaking out.

A five-year study by Public Concern at Work found that more than 80% of employees that had raised concerns over practices in the workplace were dismissed, victimised or resigned.

Companies with mechanisms for raising concerns are more successful in uncovering illegal activity.

In 2016 occupational fraud caused $6.3 bn of company losses worldwide, with a median loss of $150,000 per case. 47% of the cases resulted from employees using a dedicated reporting hotline – the most common method – but this fell to 28% for those companies without one.

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