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Products can be repurposed

The world’s resources are dwindling. Renewable resources are consumed faster than they can regenerate, and as society’s most accessible finite resources are used up, extraction methods become increasingly disruptive. Demand for virgin resources can be mitigated if all of the materials society uses are repurposed, rather than discarded as waste. Doing so also eliminates the costs – financial, environmental and human – that waste disposal incurs.

Future-fit companies do all they can to make sure that their products and associated packaging can be repurposed. There are two aspects to this.

First, companies should ensure that customers have ready access to recovery services, for all products and packaging that are not consumed during use. And second, products and packaging should be designed to ensure that – via such a recovery service – they can be readily disassembled into components and materials to maximize their reuse value.

Note that a company is not itself required to gather and repurpose all of its own products: it may choose to do so, or it may instead ensure that repurposing happens through other means, such as partnerships with third parties or support for recycling programs.

This goal applies to physical goods. Service products that do not rely on the provision of any goods are considered de facto future-fit with respect to this goal.

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