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Future-Fit Goal  | Environment - Physical Resources

Materials derive from sources that respect the welfare of ecosystems, people and animals

As demand for natural resources increases, so does the pressure placed on the ecosystems, people and animals that contribute to their delivery.

Many issues related to responsible sourcing – from reducing emissions to paying people a living wage – are covered by other future-fit goals. The emphasis of this goal is on a specific issue not covered elsewhere: causing no harm as a result of physical sourcing activities (harvesting, fishing, hunting, rearing and mining). Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Harvesting renewable resources at rates that do not reduce nature’s capacity to regenerate them.
  • Keeping non-renewable materials in closed loops to reduce demand for further extraction.
  • Respecting the welfare of animals.
  • Avoiding conflict and human rights violations when mining valuable minerals.

This goal applies to all natural resources that end up embedded in or are consumed in the production of the company’s products and packaging. This includes natural resources the company produces itself, any sourced directly from suppliers, and any embedded into purchased materials.

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