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Future-Fit Goal  | Employees

Employees are not subject to discrimination

Everyone is entitled to equitable treatment and equal opportunity, irrespective of personal characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country of origin, or disability.

Discrimination in the workplace may take many forms, and discriminatory behaviour can be perpetuated – or at least go unnoticed and unchallenged – by established norms and practices within organisations.

Companies must be proactive in investigating and monitoring key practices – such as recruitment, pay structures, hiring, performance assessment and promotions – to ensure that no discrimination occurs, however indirect or unintentional it may be.

The goal Employee concerns are actively solicited, impartially judged and transparently addressed seeks to ensure that employees are empowered to raise concerns – including any related to discrimination – should they arise. This goal is about reducing the possibility that such concerns arise in the first place.

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