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Future-Fit Goal  | Customers

Customer concerns are actively solicited, impartially judged and transparently addressed

It makes sense for any company to actively engage its customers, but the intent here is to ensure that a company does at least the minimum required in this regard. That is, a company must give its customers a voice by actively soliciting their views, impartially investigating their concerns, and transparently acting to address legitimate grievances.

Note that – in contrast to the similarly-worded goals relating to employees and communities – this goal does not encompass every type of concern that a customer may raise. The emphasis here is on concerns relating to the future-fit credentials of the company’s products, such as whether a product may cause harm as a result of its use or disposal.

This goal encompasses concerns raised on behalf of individual customers, for example by NGOs and consumer groups.

Transparency is key here. For example, if a product fault is reported which could jeopardize the health of other customers, the company should act swiftly and openly to address it.

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