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Future-Fit Goal  | Communities

Community concerns are actively solicited, impartially judged and transparently addressed

Companies depend on the goodwill of the communities in which they operate, so it makes sense to foster strong relationships with them.

That said, the intent here is to set a minimum threshold of acceptable performance, which in this case means ensuring that the company does nothing to undermine a community’s wellbeing.

A future-fit company is not one whose communities are concern-free, but rather one that has taken all steps possible to minimize concerns, and to deal effectively and appropriately with any that arise. Thus the emphasis here is on putting in place appropriate mechanisms to identify and manage community concerns, so that potentially serious issues and legitimate grievances do not go unaddressed.
Note that a company should also take care not to impose its presence on communities in ways that could interfere with their culture and values. This is covered by the goal Operations do not encroach on ecosystems or communities.

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