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To become future-fit® every company – no matter what its size or sector – must reach specific thresholds of performance across a range of social and environmental issues.

Introducing the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a free-to-use tool that answers two questions.

How would we know a future‑fit business if we saw one?

The Benchmark offers a comprehensive set of Future-Fit Goals, which collectively define the environmental and social break-even point for business: the do no harm thresholds that any company must eventually reach, no matter what its size or sector, to gain its entry ticket to a sustainable future.

Learn about the Future-Fit Goals

How can we tell how far away a business is from being future‑fit?

For business leaders to prioritize actions effectively – and for investors and others to see who is making most progress – we also need a way to measure the gap between where a company is now and where it needs to be. A set of Key Fitness Indicators, or KFIs, has been developed for this purpose.

Learn about the KFIs

The Future-Fit Goals

There are 21 Future-Fit Goals grouped according to
the stakeholder for which they are most relevant.


These goals apply to any company

Using leading environmental, social and systems science, the goals were derived by identifying how a ‘typical’ company must interact with other actors in the economic system, to ensure that it in no way hinders progress toward a prosperous future for all.

Every company has an Operational Presence (e.g. farms, offices, factories) in or near local Communities. It sells goods or services to Customers who use and – for many types of physical good – eventually dispose of them. Company operations rely on Employees and Physical Resources, which (among other things) are often sourced from Suppliers. And how a company is run both depends upon and affects Society as a Whole.


To become fit for the future, every company – no matter what its size or sector – must meet or surpass all 21 goals. But while the destination is the same, each company’s journey will be different. For some, reaching any one goal might be easy. But others may require significant effort – and some may even demand fundamental shifts in business model.

Explore the Future-Fit Goals

The Key Fitness Indicators

A set of Key Fitness Indicators, or KFIs, has been developed to help companies assess progress toward each Future-Fit Goal.


Each KFI copes with 'knowledge gaps' so it is possible for a company to start assessing its progress before complete data is available.


Each KFI aims to measure progress consistently across any company, and recognizes where real progress has already been made.


Each KFI reflects a company's full scope of responsibility, extending beyond its own four walls to encompass products and suppliers.


Each KFI aims to provide actionable insight (e.g. to assess a specific product), while expressing overall progress as a simple percentage.


Each KFI builds on leading science and best-available third party resources, to accurately capture the spirit of the goal to which it relates.

A valuable tool for ambitious companies

The holistic notion of business value that the Benchmark captures should resonate with a wide range of stakeholders – from investors seeking tomorrow’s leaders, to customers wanting products they can trust, to prospective employees looking for jobs that align with their values.


Free to use

The Benchmark is published under a Creative Commons license and is completely free for companies to use.


A self-assessment and assurance approach means that companies can measure and monitor their own progress toward future-fitness. So business leaders can uncover opportunities for real improvement, without having to share sensitive data with third parties.

No obligation

Only if a company wishes to talk publicly about its progress toward future-fitness (and there is no obligation to do so) must its calculations be independently assured.


Get started now

The journey to future-fitness will be long and challenging.
All the more reason to get started now.

Explore the goals

The Future-Fit Goals together define the line in the sand that every company must reach to gain its entry ticket to a sustainable future.

Explore the goals

Get the Benchmark

After two public drafts and extensive feedback from a range of experts, Release 1 of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark is now available for download.

Download the Benchmark

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