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Chad Park Trustee


Chad Park is the Chief Innovation Officer of The Natural Step Canada and the Director of the Energy Futures Lab. He is a founding member of The Natural Step Canada team and has been with The Natural Step since 2002. 

Chad regularly writes and delivers presentations on a wide range of sustainability and social innovation topics, including collaborating for systems change, sustainability-driven innovation, organizational change, and sustainability leadership. His work increasingly focuses on partnership-building and enabling collaboration, having led the development and launch of a multi-stakeholder approach to tackling complex social and environmental challenges called the Sustainability Transition Lab. Chad is the Director of one such collaborative initiative, the Energy Futures Lab, and plays a key thought leadership role with other initiatives including the Future Fit Business Benchmark, Housing Action Lab, and Natural Capital Lab.

As an expert in The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, he has also served as lead author or subject matter expert on a number of The Natural Step’s core learning materials, including its series of award-winning eLearning courses and its Guide for Community Sustainability Planning. He was also the lead designer for The Natural Step’s Accelerate: Collaborating for Sustainability conferences in June 2013 and 2014. As a testament to Chad’s leadership in the field of sustainability, he was honoured in 2012 by Delta Management as one of the inaugural recipients of the Clean 50 award – the 50 individuals in Canada who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism.

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