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Press Release – Launch of Release 2

After 18 months of work with The Body Shop, Novo Nordisk, Grant Thornton and other early adopters, the updated Release 2 of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark promises to further solidify the extra-financial criteria that all businesses must meet if they are going to thrive in an increasingly volatile and resource-constrained world.

The demands that we are now placing on the Earth have reached unprecedented levels, and the science tells us that all companies need to do more. But how much more? The Future-Fit Business Benchmark has given us the answer, in the form of a clear, science-based destination to aim for: A North Star by which to guide our journey to true sustainability.”
– Chris Davis, International Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, The Body Shop.

Future-Fit Foundation is a non-profit organisation that translates systems science into free tools which equip business leaders to respond authentically and successfully to today’s biggest societal challenges. The Benchmark enables any company to assess the positive and negative impacts of its actions, and report on these to stakeholders in a concise, consistent, comparable way.

Though a relatively young organisation, the Foundation has had substantial early success, building momentum across businesses through its flagship Development Council membership program. Members include The Body Shop, Novo Nordisk, Grant Thornton, DeBeers, Eileen Fisher, Avery Dennison, Covestro and Imaginea Energy. Working with the Foundation, these companies are helping to co-evolve the Benchmark as early adopters and critical challengers.

Release 2 incorporates important learnings from the Development Council’s use of the Benchmark, to make it more useful and usable in support of day-to-day business decisions. Release 2 also adds specific guidance on how to pursue and measure positive outcomes at a system level.

The Foundation is also pleased to announce Brunel Pension Partnership, Tribe Impact Capital and WHEB Asset Management as founding investor members of the Development Council. Their support and expertise will help ensure that the Benchmark enables investors to identify systemic risks and opportunities in both company engagement and portfolio analysis. By bringing corporations and institutional investors together, the Future-Fit Development Council is also uniquely placed to help Future-Fit Foundation usher in a far more effective and efficient approach to extra-financial reporting.

Alicia Ayars Program Manager

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