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Request for Comments – Now Closed

*Note that the request has closed, but we actively encourage feedback so please do get in touch*

Today we are publishing a Request for Comments, to invite feedback on the key changes planned for Release 2 of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

Since we published Release 1 of the Benchmark in May 2016, corporate members of our Development Council – as well as many other organisations – have provided us with valuable input on how to make the tool even more useful and usable.

Release 2 will integrate what we’ve learned from these early adopters, building on and superseding Release 1 with updates and additions in three key areas:

  • A simplified articulation of future-fitness, for people seeking to get to grips with the spirit of the approach, but who don’t need to understand the underlying science.
  • Guidance on how to pursue and measure positive outcomes that improve the future-fitness of others, in and beyond a company’s value web.
  • Updates to break-even goals and indicators, to offer more practical advice on how to assess progress and take action in pursuit of future-fitness.

Today’s Request for Comments document describes the planned changes, and we invite you to take a look and share any ideas to help us improve the final result. We are aiming to publish Release 2 in October, so we are requesting that all comments be emailed here by 7th September.

Every comment helps, and anyone whose feedback we act on will be acknowledged in the Release 2 documentation. Thank you in advance!

Alicia Ayars Program Manager

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