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New concept note on Creating System Value available now

Today we’re publishing a concept note which serves as a bridge between Release 1 and 2 of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

Release 1 (published in May 2016) focused on identifying and guiding progress toward the cause no harm extra-financial breakeven point every company must strive to reach. But causing no harm doesn’t tell the full story, because some of today’s most progressive companies – even if they are a long way from reaching break-even themselves – are already doing much to overcome humanity’s most pressing systemic challenges. In so doing they are increasing the likelihood that society will succeed in transitioning to a flourishing future. One might say that they are striving to create system value by making individual breakthroughs to help us all reach break-even.

Release 2 will help to steer and reward breakthrough actions by companies.

As well as refining Release 1’s cause no harm indicators, Release 2 will fulfil two additional roles:

  • Identifying and guiding positive pursuits any company can undertake to increase future-fitness in and beyond its value chain.
  • Defining how all companies should measure and report on progress toward and beyond future-fitness, in a concise, credible, comparable way.

All feedback is welcome!

We still have much work to do before the publication of Release 2 (scheduled for September 2017), and all feedback on this concept note will help us improve it. Every comment is welcome, and anyone whose input we end up acting on will be acknowledged by name in the Release 2 documentation. You can download the concept note here. Happy reading, and please let us know what you think!


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